July Weigh-in

So it was weigh-in time again, not as exciting as last month since we have been on a very unhealthy two week trip to Thailand. The goal was to not be worse of than before the trip.

Last month was a perfect month, no travelling, very little alcohol, perfect diet with Svarta lådan, and good training. July was 50% vacation with lots of food and alcohol on top of that Svarta låndan is closed for summer holiday so we have used ICA’s cooked meals which are okay in taste, but health wise not as good.

Starting with measurements of:
Waist: 89 cm
Hips: 103 cm
Butt: 111cm

July’s measurements :
Waist: 82 cm
Hips: 96 cm
Butt: 106cm

We set as a goal this month not to gain any weight / loose muscles

For this month had some real obstacles

  • No food from SvartaLådan which deliver dinners lunches, and healthy snacks each Sunday

  • Lost two weeks of training, during our thailand visit we managed one weight session in the gym, one squash game, 12 holes of golf in a gold cart, and one muay thai lesson

  • Loosing a lot of water in Thailan

This is month’s result for me:

So results this month was as expected, far from last month’s, but a bit better than I expected.

  • I continued loosing 1 cm over waist,hips, and butt

  • down 0.2 kg in weight

  • down 0,8 % in fat, -0,6 kg in fat

  • gained 0,4 in muscle mass

  • down from 33 to 31 in metabolic age

All in all considering the month we’ve had the results are okay, now we are gearing up for a full on training month!

This week we focused on more muscles; which meant deadlifts and circuit training. Deadlifts 5*5 reps at 60kg for me.

Deadlifts 5*5 reps at 60 kg 300719

The circuit was 9*1 minute exercises with 1 minute rest three times…

Circle training pt 1 Friday 020819

Circle training pt 2 Friday 020819

Big shout out to David who motivates us and kicks our asses every session!