Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) STOCKHOLM to Los Angeles SK939

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) STOCKHOLM to Los Angeles SK939

In May last year me and my girlfriends decided to go on our annual trip to USA And we chose to go to LA to visit our friend Lisa...

After a more than stressful morning we manage to get to the airport in time and we decided to see if we could upgrade our premium economy tickets to business class tickets with points. We were very lucky and they had 3 seats left for us. Upgrade from premium economy to business costs 35 000 eurobonus point and it’s proabably one of the best ways to spend your points


We love to fly business class  

One of the things I was really excited for on this flight and their business class was to try the fish roe (löjrom) starter, and finally I got to try it and it was delicious! Also the purser on this flight was outstanding and made us laugh many times during the flight.