One if By land, two if by sea

Located quite hidden in Lower east side and named after one of the important message during the civil war, this romantic restaurant serves delicious food matched perfectly with just the right wines...

This is my absolute number one dinner restaurant in New York. I’ve been here plenty of times and I even held my graduation dinner here. They serve really refined dishes in plentiful portion. Their sommelier and their waitresses are very skilled in combining wine to your food. I’ve never been unhappy with anything here, ever.

We went here for dinner and I hadn’t been here for over 3 years, so I had my eyes on their tasting menu with wine package. As usual they delivered great food and great wine. As Jäger enjoys food and wine in the same way I do I really wanted to bring him to this restaurant. It is also a very romantic restaurant.



  • Food: 5/5

    • If you have the money try their chef’s tasting menu with wine pairing, it is an experience

  • Service: 5/5

  • Atmosphere: 5/5

  • Price: $$$$,

    The tasting menu is expensive, but if you are a foodie like me it is worth it for the experience. If you want to opt for a cheaper alternative, all their a la carté is delicious

  • Extra points for outstanding things:

    • 1 point for atmosphere, this place is really nice

  • Tips and tricks: Try their chef menu’s especially with wine package

    Total 16/15 points which means you need to go !