Brunch at Kitchen and Table Kungsholmen

Yesterday (on Saturday), I had the amazing opportunity to get invited to go and try the new brunch at Kitchen and Table Kungsholmen with some fantastic people from Thatsup!

Kitchen and Table on Kungsholmen (there is another one at Norrmalm) just started this new brunch about 2 weeks ago and the menu looked fantastic, so when Ida sent me an invite I was more than excited to join and try it out. Also, meeting the other food critiques (foodies such as myself) was a lot of fun!

We ordered almost everything of the menu to share, so we could taste it all. We did not try “Swedish Gröt” nor the breakfast burrito, and for dessert we only tried the French toast. All food tasted delicious! The more expensive dishes (about 100 - 120 SEK) were big enough the get full on, but I suggest you try at least two, because the food was really tasty.

I usually prefer brunch buffet, since a la carte brunches in Stockholm tends to be rather pricey. What I really appreciated about this brunch (apart from the food being tasty) was that the prices were on a very good level. Ranging from 65 SEK to 120 SEK you can easily choose a couple of dishes without breaking the bank. The quality of the food was on top, and the service was great. I liked the restaurant because, I’m a sucker for open kitchens and brass interior. The windows were huge to let in a lot of the spring sunlight which was nice.

I strongly recommend this brunch, and I will take my parents here in a couple of weeks! The only downside to this place were that the dishes varied quite a bit in size, but all of them were plenty enough.

Brunch at Kitchen and Table Kungsholmen

Review Summary:

  • Food: 5/5

    • High quality and freshness in the food. Good brunch menue with lighter food as well as brunch classics such as benedict and french toasts

  • Service: 5/5

    • Great service

  • Atmosphere: 5/5

  • Price: $$,

    • Dishes from 65 SEK - 120 SEK, which is very good for á la carte brunches in Stockholm. One might need two dishes (even though I would be full on one)

  • Extra points for outstanding things:

    • No extra points, but that doesn’t mean that you should miss it

  • Tips and tricks: Make a reservation, this place is popular!

    Total 15/15 points which means I strongly reccomend a visit