Road to a better body

So about 3 months ago me and my fiancé J went on a trip to Miami. We notice a horrifying thing; he couldn’t get into his shorts and I could use them instead… This became a wake-up call for us that we had have a little too much of the good stuff and life and worked out next to none… under this tag you will get tips and inspiration on training that we do!

So when we came back we consulted with out Personal Trainer David on how to succeed on setting a goal for the future. My first goal was to start getting into shape for my bridal dress fitting in September, so that was about 6 months away, which felt like a good start.

Starting with measurements of:
Waist: 89 cm
Hips: 103 cm
Butt: 111cm
We set as a goal to loose 1,5 cm / month. Since we train a lot we are not looking at loosing weight since I would proabably gain some muscle weight.

Today we did our 3-months weigh in and the results was amazing! Better than I could have imagine. After one months I had lost some fat, but gained muscles. I had lost about 1,5 cm all over my body. The second month we cheated a lot, having a food frenzy in France & Italy (reviews are on the blog), having my birthday party, and going to a wedding in Lithuania it was more amazing that I didn’t gain more. I continued loosing 1 cm over waist,hips, and thighs, but the fat mass stayed basically the same which was hurting a bit.

For this month we went all in:

  • Strict food from SvartaLådan which deliver dinners lunches, and healthy snacks each Sunday

  • More power-walks or walks in general 7-10 km or jogging 5 km

  • Drinking lots of water

  • Training with David 3 times a week

  • More physio & cardio training (will post video examples later)

This is the results after 3 months (!!)

Weigh-ins and results

Weigh-ins and results

Development  in measures

Development in measures

Big shout out to David who motivates us and kicks our asses every session! We celebrated with doing “Deck of doom”. You assign each type of card a task, we had:

  • spades = kettlebell swings

  • heart = sit-ups

  • clove = ball-slams

  • diamonds = push-ups

you pull cards from the deck and do the amount on the card, aces = 30, jack queen and king = 20, so King of spades = 20 kettlebell swings. You are suppose to draw as many cards as possible within the set time and we completed the whole deck in 30 min!

Deck of doom part 1
Deck of doom part 2