Hotel Del Coronado

If you’re ever in San Diego on a weekend and want to feel like a movie star from the 1920’s whilst sipping on an endless flow of champagne, then brunch at Hotel Del Coronado is where you should go...

Built in 1920’s this hotel is an iconic piece of history. Stars like Charlie Chaplin and an Katharine Hepburn could be seen here. It was originally mostly constructed in wood, but today as it is a part of the Hilton Cooperation it has been remodeled and updated. However, they did keep their famous crown room intact, and this is where their amazing brunch takes place!

The brunch is quite pricey, but it also includes unlimited champagne and a few cocktails *like Bacon Bloody Mary (!!). They also have a lot of yummy seafood, like king crab legs in overload as well as shrimps. The dessert section is just huge and they have tartlets, candy, and my favorite; chocolate dipped strawberries. If you want to get the most out of the brunch come early since there is only one seating and you need time to work through the vast buffet.  But don’t forget to get a reservation, this place is popular despite their price


When you’ve finished brunch why not continue sipping drinks on their Veranda until the sun goes down and feel like a star?


  • Food: 5/5

    • Come early to be able to try all of their food. A lot of great sea food is served.

  • Service: 5/5

  • Atmosphere: 5/5

  • Price: $$$$,

    It is very pricey, but considering that you could drink for free for hours I feel that it evens out. The food is also high standard compared to usual buffet, so I would say the price is okay

  • Extra points for outstanding things:

    • No extra points, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t miss it

  • Tips and tricks: Make a reservation, and make it early to get the most out of it!

    Total 15/15 points which means you should to go !