Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Copenhagen to New York SK

One of the destinations on my bucket list was Cuba. On a short notice we planned this trip which would include New York, Havana, New Orleans and Chicago in 10 days...

I will review the trip as a whole in a separate post. I have wanted to go for a long time, so finally I managed to convince Jäger (my bf) to go with me. Since he’d never been to the states I wanted to show him New York as well since I lived there for 4 years (2010 to 2015).

We managed to get a Business class ticket with SAS (Scandinavia. airlines) from Stockholm to New York via Copenhagen and with return flight from Chicago in economy plus. For this round trip I only used SAS Eurobonus points with an added 2-for-1 voucher from Amex, which means that you get to travel for 50% of the points, totaling the points spent to 90 000 point for the whole trip for two persons plus 689 SEK per person in taxes.


I was very excited for this flight since Jäger hadn’t flewn in business class before. However, I was a bit disappointed when we got to fly the old business cabin from Copenhagen. I much prefer the new ones in SAS. One plus with changing the airplane is that for some reason the cabin felt a lot more spacious even though there was 2+2+2 rows instead of the new 1+2+1. The food was the same and it was good. Despite the older cabin  I did really enjoy the flight, and I think Jäger enjoyed it even more, or what do you think?